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New Canadian program for Hong Kongers


uring the COVID-19 pandemic, where some countries have slashed their immigration quotas, Canada has not altered its goal to bring in the world’s brightest and the best, reunite family members, invite entrepreneurs who excel in what they do, and welcome young, ambitious, educated and progressive thinking individuals. Canada’s immigration ministry is on track to fulfill its goal of bringing in 1.2 million permanent residents from 2021 to 2023.There are scores of programs and initiatives throughout Canada’s provinces and territories in addition to the federally-run programs. Quebec has its own immigration program that is administered independently.

The Government of Canada has developed a special work permit initiative to help Hong Kong holders of SAR and BNO passports to come to Canada and work before applying for permanent residence.

In an announcement on February 4th, 2021 Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship, Canada (IRCC) Minister Marco Mendicino said that Hong Kong residents who had graduated from a Canadian Institution, or hold a foreign credential in a post secondary program of at least two years, in the past 5 years, will be eligible to apply for an open work permit of up to three years. As of Monday, February 8th, 2021 this initiative will be launched.

Check this website for additional details of this new three-year work permit application process as they are released.

Outside Canada

If you are outside Canada and would like to apply for this work permit, contact us to provide you with details and to clarify any matters that may be of concern to you. We will be happy to assist you to get the application submitted. You will require several pieces of documentary evidence and all pertinent processing fees to be submitted at one time.

Inside Canada

Hong Kongers already in Canada on a temporary basis, be they students, visitors or temporary foreign workers, will be able to apply from within Canada. A  temporary public policy currently in force because of the pandemic, allows such applications to be submitted from within Canada. Ordinarily, such applications would need to come from outside Canada. We can help you to maintain legal status and submit your work permit application.

Who are good candidates for other programs?

Here are some common immigration scenarios. This list is not exhaustive, so your personal situation may differ. Self-assess your situation by considering these common scenarios:

  • Are you a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada with a family member who is not? (Spouse or children)?
  • Are you a young professional under the age of 30 with postsecondary education, three years of work experience, good English Language skills and  settlement funds?
  • Are you a skilled professional who once studied or worked in Canada?
  • Are you a current business owner who has a great business idea, postsecondary education, funds to invest in Canada and fair to good English Language skills?
  • Do you have postsecondary education, English language skills, funds to invest and currently hold a senior managerial position in a private business or a government department?
  • If you have no connection to Canada, and you have two (or more) post-secondary certificates (or diplomas or academic degrees), and you have sufficient settlement funds, and your English language skills are good, and you have three or more experience of skilled work experience, you might be a strong candidate to come to Canada. Talk with us;
  • Are you married to a Canadian resident or a citizen but you have not yet applied for permanent residence?
  • Do you have at least one year of living in a common-law relationship with your partner where one of you is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident?

Canada has long been recognized as a country that welcomes immigrants, and enables them to settle, integrate and succeed. Canada has a large and well-established community of former Hong Kongers in every major city and town.

If you don’t have the BNO passport

The United Kingdom, as of July 1, 2020, announced it would extend an offer to nearly three million eligible Hong Kong residents holding the British National Overseas (BNO) passport, to emigrate to the UK. If you have such a passport, you will gain a path to get to the UK and eventually qualify for UK citizenship. If you don’t have such an option, don’t despair. You may yet qualify to come to Canada permanently. See the examples above, and contact us.

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