Personal meetings for serious applicants


ou can spend a lot of money on an unsuccessful application, and end up right back where you started. Worse, you will also with a refusal on your record. That’s not what anyone wants. Our 45-minute consultation meetings are an opportunity for the many very serious people who want to have that first assessment of whether their application to come to Canada has a solid chance. This meeting will allow sufficient consultation time to determine if an application from you to visit, study, work or live in Canada, stands a good chance of success. You will learn what you need to do, or obtain, if you are not looking at a potentially successful application.

Upper Canada Immigration Consultants will be in Georgetown Guyana between March 25 and March 29, 2019. We will meet prospective clients at the Grand Coastal Hotel in Georgetown. See our February 2019 newsletter for more details.

Some points to remember:

  • Each meeting will be 30 to 45 minutes in duration from start to finish. Our fee from you for the meeting basically recovers the cost of the room and facilities while we meet with you;
  • The cost of each meeting is $50 USD. This cost is refunded back to you as a credit should you retain us to work on your case as your immigration consultant. You can bring U.S. cash, or your can pre-pay using PayPal or your credit card;
  • We are often gentle and informal with time in the nations of the Caribbean. On this occasion, however, you should be very punctual. Please plan to arrive at the hotel about 20 minutes early. My assistant will spend some time with you before your meeting starts, reviewing any documents you may have brought. See below. Your meeting will start and end on time;
  • We owe one another frankness and honesty. If your bid to come to Canada is not supported by evidence or substance, we will tell you so, and advise – as much as we can – what you should do to improve your chances. If you are a good prospect, we will set out the parameters of how we should work together;
  • There will be a gentle knock on the door at the 25-minute mark, and my assistant will come in during the final few minutes to help us wrap up;
  • We normally meet our guests throughout the morning and afternoon of our visits. We do our best to schedule you. Clearly, the better your case and the earlier you reserve your appointment, the more likely you will have a time that suits you;
  • We will send the folks who have requested a meeting an invoice by e-mail. You can easily pay it with a Paypal account if you have one, or use your major credit card.

Documents you will need

  • Any correspondence, decision, or paperwork from Canadian immigration authorities, and any other country you have tried to enter unsuccessfully as a resident or as a visitor;
  • Your completed questionnaire sent to you by Upper Canada Immigration, if you have not returned it beforehand, which we recommend you do.

What happens after the meeting?

Leaving your country of origin is among life’s biggest steps, similar to education, the choice of a career or occupation and marriage. This is a risk! You have to be serious about it.

If you are serious, and don’t want to make a mistake, you may wish to retain Upper Canada Immigration to represent you and work with you on your quest to be admitted to Canada: to visit; to study; to work; and/or to live.

Coming to Canada is expensive and time-consuming. If you are serious about coming to build Canada and to live as a Canadian citizen, weigh the cost of getting to Canada against the value of a year or more of your life if you try and fail.

The best assurance of coming to Canada is a flawless application, complete documentation and getting everything done on time, every time, the first time.