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Freezing Rain
This does not happen in Guyana. Rainfall freezes to ice on trees and poles during Canadian winter freeze-thaw cycles.

nnual visits to Guyana by Upper Canada Immigration Consultants come at the end of our Canadian winter. In March of 2019, we held five full days of meetings in Guyana, helping our guests come to Canada. It was wonderful to meet some well-qualified people, and to see some familiar faces as we helped them move their cases forward.

Upper Canada Immigration Consultants met prospective clients between Monday March 25 and Friday March 29 in East Demerara, near Georgetown Guyana.

From among the many people who completed our on-line form, we arranged appointments with those having the best chance of successfully coming to Canada to live or visit. If you missed your chance to meet with  or consult us, click here for tips on how to prepare, and contact us by e-mail or WhatsApp in Canada. While our 2019 Guyana trip is now over, we will still talk with serious folks from the Caribbean, WhatsApp, e-mail or Skype – it is your choice if you want to consult us about coming to Canada.
We saw our Guyana guests in March, 2019 at the Grand Coastal Hotel in East Demerara.

Considering Canada

Immigrate to Canada and fulfill your dreams


elcome to the Upper Canada Immigration Consultants web site. We are an immigration consulting firm, serving clients throughout the world who wish to come to Canada. Upper Canada Immigration Consultants (UCIC) provides consulting services to individuals seeking advice, guidance and assistance in citizenship, refugee and immigration matters.

UCIC prepares applications and submits them to Visa Offices on behalf of clients; drafts documents; prepares rationales in support of applications and proceedings before federal and provincial government, as well as the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB). UCIC also certifies documents, affidavits and statutory declarations that are needed for submission to government offices, schools, universities, visa offices and other places.

Our firm conducts research and provides feedback to foreign nationals and clients who are interested in exploring investment programs or self-employment in Canada. We develop concept papers and business plans for the investor or entrepreneur and strategic settlement plans for the integration of their family as well.

UCIC can assist foreign nationals who have failed in their application for permanent residency, visitor’s visa, work permit or study permit to obtain your case files and the visa officer’s case notes.

Helping people get a better understanding of why an application did not succeed helps you know what to do to increase your chances the next time you apply. These notes are very helpful and provide deep insight into the decision making process and  the factors that contributed to a failed application.

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