Coming to Guyana

A new life in Canada starts with a meeting

Upper Canada Immigration Consultants (UCIC)  comes to the Caribbean on an annual basis. We meet with people seriously interested in coming to Canada. There is a small charge for the meeting. This is to ensure that the people who see us make a commitment to their future. We credit the entire meeting charge to your account once you become a client of ours. We’ll be frank and candid with you, and let you know if you have a good chance of succeeding in a desire to come to Canada.

We use Facebook because so many of our clients and prospective clients are on that platform. The Upper Canada Immigration web site has some useful resources for you. If you are serious about coming to Canada to live, work, study or do business, consider retaining UCIC to work with you. Plan to meet with us. We will visit the Caribbean again in 2020:

You may also wish to e-mail Andrea Seepersaud if you are ready to begin the process of immigration to Canada, and wish to see if you are an eligible immigrant. Not everyone is a high-probability prospect. If you are, or if you are not, we will let you know fairly quickly.

Update: Based on some of the questions asked by interested visitors to the Upper Canada Immigration Facebook Page, and from those who have asked to see me in Guyana when I visit in March, I have updated the web site’s Q & A Page. Please be sure to check it.

I was born in Guyana, and came to Canada in the 1980s. Learn more about me. Southern Ontario is home to a large and vibrant Guyana expatriate community. I look forward to returning to the Caribbean each year, and assisting qualified and determined folks on their road to permanent residency in Canada.

Andrea Seepersaud
President, Upper Canada Immigration Consultants

Guyana Schedule

Thanks, Guyana

Freezing Rain
This does not happen in Guyana. Rainfall freezes to ice on trees and poles during Canadian winter freeze-thaw cycles.

nnual visits to Guyana by Upper Canada Immigration Consultants come at the end of our Canadian winter. In March of 2019, we held five full days of meetings in Guyana, helping our guests come to Canada. It was wonderful to meet some well-qualified people, and to see some familiar faces as we helped them move their cases forward.

Upper Canada Immigration Consultants met prospective clients between Monday March 25 and Friday March 29 in East Demerara, near Georgetown Guyana.

From among the many people who completed our on-line form, we arranged appointments with those having the best chance of successfully coming to Canada to live or visit. If you missed your chance to meet with  or consult us, click here for tips on how to prepare, and contact us by e-mail or WhatsApp in Canada. While our 2019 Guyana trip is now over, we will still talk with serious folks from the Caribbean, WhatsApp, e-mail or Skype – it is your choice if you want to consult us about coming to Canada.
We saw our Guyana guests in March, 2019 at the Grand Coastal Hotel in East Demerara.