Faster Service

Responding effectively to you


pper Canada Immigration Consultants has begun our busy period of client meetings, and visits to destinations at which people meet with us. Potential clients see our information on Facebook, in our e-newsletter, and on this web site, and call us via WhatsApp or by phone. Much of our consultants’ time during the working day is spent working on our clients’ case files. We can arrange to call you back, and book an appointment for your call, or to meet with you. Here is how you can help us work with you:

Please complete these steps before calling us

1. Tell us who you are, and where you live
Please complete this on-line form. This also gets you our periodic e-newsletter. Nobody else ever sees your contact information.
2. Tell us about your situation
Please complete this on-line form. This web form describes your situation, and enables our consultant to gain insight into what you may need us to do for you.
3. Need to send a message, or add an explanation?
Our web site is a treasure trove of free information for you. It also offers you a way to write us a short message. For example, you could advise us that you had just filled out the two forms above. Click or touch here to send a message.

What happens after that?

Our staff will assemble your information, and e-mail you back. If you have raised a question in a message to us, we can respond briefly, and offer you an introductory consultation. This does not cost you anything, and lasts a few minutes.

  • When or if it looks as if your inquiry has substance and merit, your consultant will lay out a path for you. At this point, you become a paying client of Upper Canada Immigration Consultants;
  • Your initial consultation costs $50. We follow this up with an Engagement Letter if your case would benefit from our services. This initial consultation fee is credited back to you if you retain our firm to work on your behalf;
  • Once we have agreed to work together, a Retainer Agreement will spell out what Upper Canada Immigration Consultants will do for you, and what your payment schedule will be. From then onward, you are our client, and  we are working on your behalf.